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Advanced Score Solutions is a credit optimization company specializing in assisting consumers in boosting their credit scores and allowing them a fair and equal opportunity. Credit piggybacking, a credit-building strategy, is not a new idea and in fact has been in use for many years.

Whether you’re trying to buy a home, get a new car, apply for new auto insurance rates, get an apartment or open a new utility account, your credit score is the first thing your lenders see and ultimately one of the largest contributing factors to their lending or rate decisions. 

So, then you ask yourself:

  • How do you increase your credit score?
  • What is the magic formula?
  • Why is my score so low?

There are many myths about credit; but one thing is certain, the higher your available combined credit limits are and the older your credit history is, the higher your credit scores will be.

Graph showing what impacts credit scores

The Secret to Credit Scores

The most widely used credit scoring model in the US was developed by The Fair Issac Corporation or FICO. Your FICO score is a two year projection of your ability to pay your bills and your score can range from 350 – 850.  The higher your score the better rates and lending offers you will receive.  

So the question becomes, “how do I raise, or optimize my credit scores?” Understanding how your credit scores are calculated by FICO is a great place to start.

Having a “high achiever” credit score (760-850) is directly related to having long established credit history

Accounts that are in excess of ten years old, called “Golden Accounts”, are a major contributor to the top 10% of all credit scores across the country. Trade Lines can be an incredible resource and assist in the optimization of credit scores in a very short period of time. For those individuals wanting an immediate, positive impact on their credit scores, this can be a solution. Our specialists will review the credit reports to make sure this is the best option to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

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