Credit score report on computer screen

About Advanced Score Solutions

Advanced Score Solutions is a credit optimization company specializing in assisting consumers in boosting their credit scores. This is often referred to as “Credit Card Piggybacking.”  Credit piggybacking is not a new idea and in fact has been in use for many years. “Piggybacking,” started as a way for parents to help their children get a head start in their credit standing and reputations. The reality is that when they were added to the accounts the algorithms that calculated their credit scores recognized all of the long and perfect history as well as the higher limits of the account and helped them achieve good credit. 

The Credit Status You Need for a Brighter Future

While the authorized user never received any information about the account or a credit card for the account they did receive the benefit
of the account showing up in their credit report and the improvement to their credit scores as a result. 

Advanced Score Solutions is here to help you have the credit scores you deserve. We give individuals the access and ability to become an authorized user to help them boost and optimize their credit scores in 45 days. By becoming an authorized user you gain all of the benefit of years of good history and high credit limits without any financial responsibility for the account. We offer a variety of exceptional accounts to assist you in raising your credit scores, it’s as easy as 1,2,3:

1. Complete your client information form to speak with an account representative.
2. We will then assist you with an evaluation for which account(s) will be most effective for you.
3. Fill out and return your client enrollment packet to finalize your order.

One of our credit specialists will confirm your order, information, and will send you a credit leasing agreement. It’s that easy to be on your way to a higher credit score.