beautiful young woman using laptop and credit card

Interested in becoming a card holder and earning money off of your good credit?

How to get started: If you are interested in becoming a Cardholder, please fill out the form on our Contact page above. Our company owner or Operations Manager will contact you directly within 24 hours.

After filling out the form, we will then send you a contract and tax form W-9 to read through, sign, and return to us.We will then set aside some time to spend about 30 minutes on the phone educating you on how the system works, your responsibilities, and how you get paid.

Once you are comfortable and understand how the process works, we will add your credit card(s) to our list and start selling spots on it. It’s that simple!

Types of Credit Cards We Currently Enroll In Our Program​

Potential Risks for Cardholders

Making money off your credit cards is extremely easy and it almost sounds too good to be true, but of course, as it is with anything of financial benefit, there is a risk.  The only known risk to our Cardholders is the slight chance that the credit card company figures out that you, the Cardholder, are making money off of your credit card(s) and the credit card company may do one of two things: 1) close the credit card account, or 2) leave it open, but disallow the Cardholder to add any more authorized users to it. Advanced Score Solutions has become increasingly good at learning the trip hazards in the banks’ computer systems, and we are extremely good at avoiding them, which tends to keep our Cardholders’ credit card accounts free from repercussion. As an overall average, the first possibility only happens to about 15% of our credit cards, while the second situation happens to only about 7% of all of the credit cards in our program.

If a Cardholder is worried about the possibility of their credit card being closed by the bank, we advise them to apply for a new credit card when they sign up for our program.  If the card in our program is closed, the Cardholder will still have a credit card to use if they need to, and could potentially begin selling the new card in our program, as well. With that said, the history of the credit card accounts that have been closed continue to be calculated into the credit score, even if the account is closed, prompting little to no effect on the Cardholders’ credit score/report. 

Either way, our current Cardholders unanimously agree that monthly cash flow is more valuable than simply having that one credit card. While replacing a credit card is easy, the cash you earn from being a cardholder with us certainly is not.

Is this legal?


According to lawyers familiar with the practice of piggybacking, as well as industry insiders, the act of paying someone to add another person to their existing credit card account is perfectly legal.